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It is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service of saturated polyester resin for powder coating.
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Service commitment
Konka's service philosophy of "think what customers want and worry about what customers need" is consistent, and cooperates with customers for win-win and common development. I hereby solemnly promise you:

Product quality commitment:

1. The manufacturing and testing of the company's products have quality records and testing data, and each batch of products has a formal test report.
2. Each batch of finished products shall be sampled and tested in strict accordance with national standards to ensure that the quality of each batch of outgoing products is qualified.
3. The company's products are produced in strict accordance with iso9001:2015 quality system. The quality of the products produced by the company is stable and reliable. Under normal use, in addition to the loss of some fire prevention effects caused by fire, it is guaranteed to maintain the fire prevention performance for a long time.

Product price commitment:

1. Under the same competitive conditions, the company will sincerely provide customers with preferential prices without reducing the technical performance of products. 

Delivery date commitment:

1. Product delivery date: try to meet the user's requirements. If there are special requirements and it needs to be completed in advance, the company can specially organize overtime production to meet the user's needs.

2. When the products are delivered, our company provides the following documents to users: ① product manual; ② Product test report.

Return and exchange commitment:

If you need to return or exchange goods, please contact the after-sales service department of the company in advance, and fax the quantity and reason of return and exchange goods to the after-sales service department in writing.

Product quality, after-sales service and complaint Tel.: 0559-3516838;

E-mail:  ;

Address: No. 7, Huangping Road, Circular Economy Park, Huizhou District, Huangshan City, Anhui Province;

Acceptance time: 8:00-17:00 (except Saturday, Sunday and holidays).

Matters needing attention:

1. When returning or exchanging goods for the customer's own reason, the customer shall bear the freight at the time of return and the freight at the time of re delivery.
2. When the product is returned due to the customer's rejection and long-term non delivery, the customer shall bear the freight for return and re delivery.
3. The product package is damaged, damp, polluted and deteriorated due to customer's reasons. Please understand.
4. When the customer returns the product, please return the VAT invoice and other relevant bills together. In the process of returning, if the product or bill is lost, damaged or misdelivered, the company will not be responsible. Please understand.
5. When the company receives the returned or replaced products, the company's testing center will test and analyze the products. When the products are determined to have no quality problems, the company will quickly refund the corresponding return payment or distribute the replaced products.
Excellent quality ◆ Good reputation ◆ Perfect service ◆ Orderly management
◆ Wholeheartedly provide the best quality products for the chemical and resin industries!
◆ We will continuously improve our products and services in return for you.
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