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It is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service of saturated polyester resin for powder coating.
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Talent concept
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The company follows the following principles in employment:

1. The principle of open recruitment and merit based employment. Employees of the company enjoy equal opportunities in employment and promotion, and will not be given different treatment due to their nationality, race, age, gender and religion.

2. The recruitment principle of "both ability and political integrity". Each post of the company shall recruit employees with good moral quality and competent talents, which is the standard for the company to select talents.

3. Plan control principle. Each department shall formulate its own staffing demand supplement plan according to the department setting and staffing issued by the company and submit it to the general manager for approval. After approval, it shall be used as the basis for staffing supplement.

Under any of the following circumstances, they shall not be employed as employees of the company: 

1. Persons deprived of political rights;

2. The wanted person has not been revoked;

3. Those who are under public surveillance, criminal detention, fixed-term imprisonment, life imprisonment and other penalties have not expired;

4. Has been dismissed by the company or resigned without approval;

5. Has been punished for embezzlement, misappropriation of public funds or unit funds and materials;

6. Those who fail to pass the physical examination in the designated hospital;

7. Suffering from mental illness or infectious disease or taking drugs;

8. Persons under the age of 16;

9. Foreigners who have not gone through the employment procedures in China;

10. Other circumstances prescribed by laws and regulations.